Arthur C. Graesser, PhD

Professor of Psychology, University of Memphis
Professor, University of Memphis Institute of Intelligent Systems 
Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford Department of Education

Presentation:  Learning with Avatars in Serious Games
Deep learning of any topic requires a high degree of motivation and guidance from intelligent tutors who adaptively interact with the learner. Serious games facilitate such motivation in the 21st century, and intelligent conversational agents (avatars) provide intelligent interaction. Serious games are grounded in principles of the learning and discourse sciences.

Speaker Background:
Graesser is president of the FABBS Foundation, senior editor of the Journal of Educational Psychology, and chair of the framework group in PISA Collaborative Problem Solving 2015. His research teams have developed software in learning, language, and discourse technologies, including AutoTutor, Operation ARIES!, and Coh-Metrix. In 2011, he received a major award from American Psychological Association on Distinguished Contributions of Applications of Psychology to Education and Training.