Victoria N. Luine, PhD

Distinguished Professor, Hunter College

Presentation:  Examining Stress Models in Diverse Populations  
Stress and its debilitating effects are ubiquitous in our society. Thus, it is surprising that knowledge of its adverse effects on physiology, mood, and cognition were developed in adult male models. This seminar will present a cogent case that current theories of stress effects require revision when applied to a more diverse population, both human and animal. Moreover, sex and age are critical variables and should be considered in the etiology and treatment of stress-related illnesses.

Speaker Background:
As a neuroendocrinologist, Luine researches how stress and gonadal hormones alter neural function and lead to impairments or enhancements, respectively, of behavior, mood, and cognition. Current studies have also highlighted important sex differences in neural responses to hormones and the long-term alterations of brain functioning associated with motherhood.