Human Factors & Applied Psychology: What It Is And Why We Do It

usa_science.jpgThe inaugural USA Science & Engineering Festival was held on the National Mall on October 23-24, 2010, aiming to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Working with graduate students and faculty from George Mason University, the FABBS Foundation hosted a booth entitled "Where Science Meets the Mind".

Geared towards children, our booth explored how the limits of the mind interfere with optimal performance in tasks such as playing video games, driving a car, or flying a plane. An interactive driving simulation illustrated this challenge, and the demo showed how texting while driving interferes with the ability to drive.

Festival organizers aimed for the festival to be “the ultimate multi-cultural, multi-generational and multi-disciplinary celebration of science in the United States.” Over 500 science and engineering organizations from across the U.S. participated.

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George Mason University Graduate Students Receive Award

Distractions N Driving Win Award.jpgIn 2012, the Distractions N' Driving Team received the Governor's Transportation Safety Award in the category of Youth Traffic Safety. John Strohl and Bridget Lewis traveled to Richmond to accept the award on behalf of the team.

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Even experienced drivers have difficulty sending text messages while driving

Watch Christian Gonzalez, one of the George Mason University graduate student volunteers, conduct a demonstration of using the driving simulator while sending a text message.

What happens when inexperienced drivers get behind the wheel?

While he has good control over the vehicle when he has both hands on the wheel, watch what happens when a teen attempts to send a text message and continue driving.


USASEF Brochure1.gifHuman Factors & Applied Psychology: What It Is and Why We Do It

A brochure offered to visitors with more in-depth information about what human factors is and how it related to our booth.


Stroop Color Activity

A classic activity demonstrating the importance of human factors that was shown to visitors.

Bad Designs - Simple.jpgViolations of Human Factors Design Principles: Examples of Bad Designs

Good Designs - Simple.jpgHuman Factors Design Principles at Work: Examples of Good Designs

Optical Illusions_Page_03.jpgOptical Illusions

Photo Gallery

transparent GMULogo.pngtransparent ArchLabLogo.pngThe FABBS Foundation would like to graciously thank the following individuals from George Mason University's Arch Lab (Human Factors & Applied Cognition) for volunteering their time to staff our booth at the Expo and help explain to visitors the relevance of our sciences:

Jane Barrow, Adam Emfield, Brian Falcone, Christian Gonzalez, Bill Kennedy, David Kidd, Brian Kidwell, Ryan McKendrick, Bill Miller, Erik Nelson, Stephanie Pratt, Dan Roberts, Geoffrey Robertson, Haneen Saqer, Jon Strohl, Ross Thornton, Ewart de Visser, and Nicole Werner.