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What We Offer

We welcome scientific societies that want to work in coalition to advance the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior. Member societies interact with FABBS leaders and staff to craft an advocacy agenda each year that draws upon the collective needs of our scientific community. Throughout the year, FABBS also identifies opportunities for our member societies, individually and collectively, to participate in the policy process.

As a member, each scientific society designates one or more representatives to serve on the FABBS Council of Representatives. These representatives and other society leaders communicate with FABBS leaders and staff as needed on funding or science policy issues. In addition, the FABBS board and Council of Representatives meet once per year in early December to plan for the coming year. This meeting also provides an opportunity to interact with the FABBS Foundation board members who oversee educational programming and recognition of eminent, senior scientists and early career scientists in our fields.

What You Pay: More Bang for the Buck

Member societies pay dues to support the work of FABBS. Dues are based on the size of the society and the number of U.S. scientists in the society. We offer discounted rates over the first two years for any society that wants to explore membership in FABBS. As a past President likes to say, “Per person, the cost of joining is less than the cost of an appetizer at Citronelle (a favorite Washington, DC spot)!” In other words, joining is good for your budget and good for our sciences!

For more information on becoming a member of FABBS, please contact FABBS Executive Director.

Affiliate and Corporate Membership

In addition to society members, the FABBS mission is also supported by University and Corporate Affiliates, as well as Divisions of the American Psychological Association. 

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