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FABBS communicates the work it is doing on behalf of the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior through an electronic newsletter. The newsletter is e-mailed to subscribers as needed to keep our member society scientists informed about issues of concern to them, including deliberations on Capitol Hill about funding for our sciences; activities within NIH, NSF, and other federal science agencies relevant to our sciences; and articles highlighting research by scientists from any of our twenty-two member societies. Sign up today to stay on top of issues affecting YOUR science! For social media enthusiasts, follow us on Twitter and Facebook too.

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Getting You Involved

FABBS advocates on your behalf, but one thing we have learned is that nothing is more effective than a letter from a constituent.  FABBS has created the "Action Alert Network" to make this very easy for you.

FABBS has created an Action Alert Network that allows us to directly contact you when important legislative issues affecting YOUR SCIENCE pending, thereby allowing you to participate in grass-roots advocacy.

If you sign up, you will receive an alert about the pending issue along with suggested text of an electronic letter to be targeted specifically to your representative(s)in the U.S. House or Senate.

You can then choose whether to send a letter or not, and the system allows you to edit portions of the letter or to send it as is.   Once you are signed up, the system automatically identifies your representatives based on your home address and zip code, thereby allowing you to send a targeted message with a minimum of effort.  You can also remove your email account from the list at any time.

We will not burden you with alerts. We anticipate using the action alert system at most 3-4 times a year, as the U.S. House and/or Senate are considering legislation (including funding bills) relevant to funding for our sciences.

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Make your voice heard and take action on issues of concern to the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior.

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