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  • PCAST Releases Report on STEM Ed in Undergraduate Education »
    Since taking office, the President has consistently pushed for improvements in STEM education (traditionally defined) in the U.S. In April 2009, during remarks at the National Academy of Sciences, he stated: “American students will move from the middle to the top of the pack in science and math over the next decade.”
  • NIH Seeks Input on Strategic Plan for New Addictions Institute »
    A NIH planning committee is developing a Scientific Strategic Plan for the agency's proposed new Institute, the National Institute of Substance Use and Addiction Disorders. The goal of the strategic plan is to "identify new scientific opportunities that are not currently supported in the existing NIH research portfolios and public health initiatives on substance use, abuse, and addiction-related disorders."
  • FABBS and FABBS Foundation Welcome New Staff »
    We are very pleased to report the addition of two new staff to our offices in Washington, DC.
  • FABBS' Advocacy for the Sciences of Mind, Brain, and Behavior: Why It’s Important to Scientists »
    Learn more about the vision for FABBS and FABBS Foundation and why our advocacy and education is important for our sciences.
  • “Tough Choices” in President’s FY 2013 Budget »
    The President sent his budget request to Congress on Monday, Feb. 13, the "opening bid" in what is sure to be a contentious year. The Budget Control Act agreed to by the White House and Congress last year set discretionary spending caps, freezing discretionary spending at 2011 levels and requiring trade-offs, according to the Administration.
  • NSF Launches New Grant Mechanism »
    On December 1, 2011, NSF will begin receiving proposals under a new grant award mechanism called CREATIV for Creative Research Awards for Transformative Interdisciplinary Ventures. CREATIV is intended to “attract unusually creative high-risk/ high-reward interdisciplinary proposals.”
  • National Research Council Holds Meeting on SBS Sciences in K-12 Education »
    On November 17-18, 2011, the National Research Council’s Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education held a meeting to discuss strategies for increasing attention to the social and behavioral sciences in K-12 education.
  • NSF Publishes SBE 2020 Report »
    In August 2010, NSF’s Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Directorate invited scientists to think about the next decade of research and submit white papers describing foundational and transformative questions; skills that would be needed to pursue those questions; and the infrastructure to enable it.
  • DHHS Receives Comments on Proposed Human Research Protection Regulations »
    In mid-2011, the Department of Health and Human Services and Office of Science and Technology Policy proposed the most extensive changes to the regulations governing human research protections since they were first enacted over three decades ago.
  • National Science Board Seeks Nominations for Science Leadership and Public Service Awards »
    The National Science Board (NSB) is seeking nominations for the Vannevar Bush Award which is given annually to leaders in science and technology who have made substantial contributions to the welfare of the Nation through public service activities in science, technology and public policy.
  • Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) to Include SBS Sciences »
    The Association of American Medical Colleges is making changes to the MCAT, the exam that aspiring medical students take before entry into medical school. After a comprehensive review of the MCAT by the AAMC and its 21-member advisory committee, with input from several blue-ribbon panels and advisory groups and survey responses from over 2700 stakeholders, a new section on the behavioral and social sciences will be added to the 2015 exam.
  • First FY 2012 Spending Measure Completed – NSF Gets Increase »
    Congress passed its first package of FY 2012 appropriations bills late last week. The “minibus” combined three spending bills including Commerce, Justice, Science (CJS) which funds NSF. The House-Senate conference agreement decreases CJS spending by $583 million from FY 2011, but provides $7 billion for NSF, an amount that is $173 million above last year’s funding.
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