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  • Draft Report on Next Generation Science Standards Released »
    The National Research Council’s Framework for K-12 Science Education, released in mid-2011, created a starting point for the development of science standards. As the report was published, the nonprofit ACHIEVE began its work to draft a common set of science standards for K-12 education that could be used to build curricula and assessments.
  • Our Scientists at Work: Game for Some Physics? »
    Learning-scientist Douglas Clark's aim is to teach us to reinterpret our daily experiences in ways that will support our formal understanding of scientific concepts. So, he and his colleagues develop games that help people integrate their intuitive understanding of basic science with a more formal one.
  • House Science Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Science of Science Policy »
    The U.S. House Committee on Science and Technology’s Research and Science Education Subcommittee held a hearing on the ‘science of science and innovation policy’ on September 23, 2010.
  • FABBS Foundation Honors Jim Sidanius »
    Jim Sidanius is a Professor in the departments of Psychology and African and African American Studies at Harvard University. His primary research interests include the interface between political ideology and cognitive functioning, the political psychology of gender, group conflict, institutional discrimination, and the evolutionary psychology of intergroup prejudice.
  • Scientists Needed to Respond to SBE Threats »
    Since the assaults began on NSF generally, and SBE in particular, the scientific community has united in opposition to attacks on NSF, individual grants, and an entire area of science. Scientists need to continue to get involved to turn the tide.
  • NIH Seeks Input on Strategic Plan for New Addictions Institute »
    A NIH planning committee is developing a Scientific Strategic Plan for the agency's proposed new Institute, the National Institute of Substance Use and Addiction Disorders. The goal of the strategic plan is to "identify new scientific opportunities that are not currently supported in the existing NIH research portfolios and public health initiatives on substance use, abuse, and addiction-related disorders."
  • PCAST Releases Report on STEM Ed in Undergraduate Education »
    Since taking office, the President has consistently pushed for improvements in STEM education (traditionally defined) in the U.S. In April 2009, during remarks at the National Academy of Sciences, he stated: “American students will move from the middle to the top of the pack in science and math over the next decade.”
  • National Research Council Announces New Board »
    The NRC's DBASSE recently announced that its Committee on Human-Systems Integration has been elevated to the status of a Board.
  • Making the Case for Science »
    The election is over and all eyes are on the 112th Congress and its next steps. The country faces a $1.3 trillion deficit and given the gloomy landscape, the scientific community must be prepared to make its case.
  • Call for Research Papers on Discrimination and Health »
    The National Cancer Institute is seeking papers that highlight the results of recent research on discrimination in the health care setting for a special theme issue of the American Journal of Public Health.
  • FABBS and FABBS Foundation Leaders Win APA Awards »
    Morton Ann Gernsbacher, PhD, and Philip E. Rubin, PhD, were among the scientists honored at the American Psychological Association’s 6th Annual Science Leadership Conference.
  • FABBS Foundation Honors Joel Cooper »
    Joel Cooper, Professor of Psychology at Princeton University, is featured in the FABBS Foundation's program which honors eminent, senior scientists.