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  • Our Scientists at Work: Making Surgeries Safer »
    If you’re about to have heart surgery, the last thing you want to hear is that the operating room is unsafe. But that’s exactly what researcher Ayse Gurses has found – and many of the hazards aren't caused by doctors or nurses. FABBS Foundation Early Career Investigator Award winner Ayse Gurses focuses on making surgeries safer for patients by identifying and mitigating these hazards before they affect your health.
  • Early Career Investigator Receives Award at Human Factors Meeting »
    On March 11, 2013, Dr. Ayse Gurses received the FABBS Foundation Early Career Investigator Award during the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society’s international symposium, “Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care: Advancing the Cause” in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Action Alert: Science Cuts Looming – What You Can Do to Prevent It »
    FABBS has worked with other scientific societies for the past year to urge lawmakers to develop a bipartisan, balanced plan for deficit reduction that would not continue to cut important investments in science and yet address the deficit. In less than 5 minutes, you can send a note to your elected officials urging them to support a bipartisan, balanced solution to deficit reduction that protects investments in science.
  • NSF SBE Seeks Workshop Proposals to Connect Science with Social and Policy Entrepreneurship »
    The National Science Foundation is inviting interdisciplinary, multi-sector workshop proposals that “explore avenues for guiding scientific discoveries closer to the development of public policy and social ventures."
  • FABBS Foundation Announces Early Career Investigator Awards »
    The FABBS Foundation recently announced the winners of the Early Career Investigator Award, which recognizes early career scientists of FABBS scientific societies who have made major contributions to the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior.
  • Scientific Societies Respond to NAS Draft Report “A Framework for Science Education” »
    The National Academy of Sciences released a draft report on July 13, 2010, that provides a “conceptual framework” to “guide the development of next generation standards for science education.”
  • OBSSR Hosts Workshop On Behavioral and Social Sciences and STEM Education »
    The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR) brought together representatives from the White House Domestic Policy Council, the U.S. Department of Education, the National Sciences Foundation, NIH, scientific and education communities, and scientific societies to discuss the Administration’s priorities in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education and the status of the behavioral and social sciences within STEM education.
  • Robert Kaplan Appointed Director of OBSSR »
    Robert M. Kaplan, PhD, has been selected to serve as Director of the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR) and as NIH Associate Director for Behavioral and Social Sciences Research at the National Institutes of Health.
  • FABBS Foundation Honors Richard Atkinson »
    Richard C. Atkinson, PhD, Former Director, National Science Foundation, Chancellor Emeritus, University of California, San Diego, and President Emeritus, University of California System, is featured in the FABBS Foundation's program which honors eminent, senior scientists.
  • FABBS and FABBS Foundation Launch New Websites »
    We are pleased to share with you the new websites for FABBS and the FABBS Foundation. Our goal in creating these new sites was to link our two organizations visually and provide for the reader a user-friendly space to learn about FABBS advocacy activities and the FABBS Foundation efforts to educate the public about the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior.
  • Appropriators Mark Up FY 2011 Funding Bills for NIH, NSF, and IES »
    With campaign season gearing up, appropriations subcommittee chairs pushed to get spending bills through their respective bodies.
  • Work Continues on NAS “Framework” Report »
    A small group of behavioral and social sciences representatives had a chance to meet with NAS Board of Education staff, the Committee Chair, as well as representatives from the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education.