AAU Issues Strong Statement of Support for Social and Behavioral Sciences

September 23, 2013

With threats to the behavioral and social sciences remaining on the horizon, the Association of American Universities’ Executive Committee, issued a statement expressing its “unequivocal support for federal funding of the behavioral and social sciences.” The AAU represents sixty leading research universities in the U.S. and two in Canada.

Highlighting some of the recent Congressional actions against the social and behavioral sciences, the AAU statement argues:

“Even in the context of federal budget constraints, we believe that actions by Congress to defund or stigmatize entire disciplines of research would severely cripple, in principle and practice, the federal government’s historically productive commitment to the funding of basic research across all disciplines.” 

The statement also makes the case that “insights and innovations from the social and behavioral sciences are no less valuable than discoveries in the physical and life sciences. Moreover, interdisciplinary research engaging the social and behavioral sciences is producing new knowledge and understanding that would not have emerged from research within single disciplines.”

Building bridges across the sciences will be needed to push back the attacks on any area of science.  The SBS community is appreciative of the strong support from AAU.

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