Action Alert: Science Cuts Looming – What You Can Do to Prevent It

On March 1, 2013, sequestration—significant automatic cuts to federal discretionary programs— is scheduled to begin. Not surprisingly, many are becoming wary of the continued battles on federal funding, as we seem to move from one fiscal crisis to another. 

FABBS has worked with other scientific societies for the past year to urge lawmakers to develop a bipartisan, balanced plan for deficit reduction that would not continue to cut important investments in science and yet address the deficit. While we have succeeded in getting sequestration postponed from Jan. 2 to March 1, there is still no broad plan in place – and the deadline looms.

The targeted programs have already contributed $1.5 trillion to deficit reduction, and continued cuts will threaten many scientific programs. FABBS is still working on this issue, and we need scientists to get involved! In less than 5 minutes, you can send a note to your elected officials urging them to support a bipartisan, balanced solution to deficit reduction that protects investments in science.

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