Behavioral Science & Policy Association Debuts

November 20, 2013

by Christine Cameron 

The newly launched non-profit Behavioral Science & Policy Association (BSPA) brings together prominent behavioral science researchers, policy analysts and practitioners with a vision “to promote the application of rigorous behavioral science research into concrete policy solutions that serve the public interest.” 

On November 15, 2013 BSPA President Craig Fox announced, “We have created a hub for activity at the nexus of research and implementation that will inspire new approaches to public and private sector policy making. Our hope is to be a vital resource for anyone interested in learning more about behavioral science-in-action.” 

BSPA’s three part mission aims to apply behavioral science research to policy challenges, make behavioral science research findings more accessible to a variety of non-scientist audiences, and build community among behavioral scientists to facilitate innovations in both research and practice.

Some policy areas addressed by BSPA are education, decision making, health, business, and technology. Disciplines covered include behavioral economics, behavioral law, cognitive and brain science, decision science, organization science, political science, social psychology, and sociology.  BSPA operates in partnership with The Brookings Institution, The Social Science Research Institute at Duke University (SSRI), and the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

The organization’s website provides public access to personally- and societally-relevant, cutting-edge behavioral science research findings in the form of podcasts, videos, and written articles. As a membership organization, BSPA is currently offering an introductory discount. Membership benefits include discounted conferences, workshops, and briefings; a digital interface; and a subscription to BSPA’s new journal, Behavioral Science & Policy