FABBS and FABBS Foundation Presidents to Launch New Initiatives

February 15, 2012

by Paula Skedsvold

Robert Sternberg and Art Graesser, Presidents of FABBS and the FABBS Foundation respectively, are launching new initiatives during their 2012-2014 terms. The focus will be on building communication channels that advance the missions of our member societies through the FABBS advocacy efforts and FABBS Foundation education activities. 

Sternberg's initiatives are threefold: (1) increasing the involvement of scientists in FABBS advocacy; (2) enhancing communications among scientists and the media; and (3) providing resources that offer value to our member societies and the scientists they represent. "We are eager to begin this new outreach effort and think that the scientific societies under our umbrella will be pleased" said Sternberg.

The new member resources include two upcoming publications which Sternberg will edit. "Writing Grant Proposals from the Top-Down and Bottom-Up," provides advice from both successful grant seekers and granting agencies and will be published by SAGE. Another publication will examine actual ethical challenges faced in the daily lives of researchers and how these could be handled, drawing upon ethical principles that guide behavioral and brain scientists in research, teaching, and practice. Chapter authors have been identified for the first publication, but FABBS is seeking submissions on ethical challenges faced by junior and senior investigators.

On the FABBS Foundation side, Art Graesser's interests lie in addressing the crisis in education using knowledge gained from the brain, behavior, cognitive, and social sciences. Graesser also wants to formally acknowledge the contributions of early career investigators whose research and/or dissemination efforts have made a positive contribution toward educating the public about the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior. The FABBS Foundation's new science journalist will also work with these investigators and others to educate the public about the contributions of our sciences to the well-being of individuals and society.

These initiatives and others are forthcoming. Updates will be provided through the FABBS/FABBS Foundation newsletter and websites.