FABBS Announces a New Policy Annual: Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences (PIBBS)

February 25, 2014

by Chris Cameron  

The Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences (FABBS) announces a new annual journal addressing the interface between policy and behavioral and brain sciences: Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Science (PIBBS); edited by FABBS President Susan Fiske and published by SAGE.

Research findings in the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior are applicable to nearly every area of public policy. Some links are readily apparent, like the benefits to an aging population of neuroscience research on Alzheimer’s disease, or the importance of cognitive science to improving education. Perhaps not as obvious, but equally valuable, are the contributions of mind, brain, and behavioral science research to policy areas such as innovation, the economy, national security, counter-terrorism, diplomacy, immigration, diversity, and conflict-resolution, among others.

Today’s most challenging policy debates and the resulting decisions have huge bearing on our communities and individual human well-being.  FABBS, representing a coalition of scientific member societies, communicates with policy makers and the public about the importance and contributions of basic and applied research in the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior. PIBBS brings a new opportunity to foster dialogue between scientists and policy makers for this common cause.

Through PIBBS, FABBS will offer rigorous, innovative, empirically-based options to inform policy debate and decision making, demonstrating the value of behavioral and brain sciences and the need for continued and increasing funding.  Likewise, future research will benefit from policy makers’ feedback about how scientific research could be applied to current policy issues, as well as policy areas that will benefit from increased scientific understanding.

As a coalition, FABBS has the advantage of representing a broad range of researchers in the behavioral and brain sciences, and thus PIBBS will cover a wide scope of topics in turn. PIBBS’ first volume will feature 20+ invited original research and scientific review articles focused on policy insights from social psychology, with guest editors Eugene Borgida from the Society of Experimental Social Psychology, and Brenda Major from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

PIBBS will make behavioral and brain sciences accessible to a range of audiences. Each scientific article will be accompanied by an executive summary suitable for use by public policy decision makers and interested lay people.  Additionally, a moderated blog for each article will encourage dialogue and exploration.

PIBBS will be available by subscription, with free access to FABBS members the first year. All revenue from PIBBS will return to FABBS for the benefit of promoting the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior.

Watch for your opportunity to subscribe!