FABBS Foundation Honors Arnold J. Sameroff

Sameroff x200.jpgArnold J. Sameroff is Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, and Research Professor Emeritus, Center for Human Growth and Development, at the University of Michigan. Born in Detroit MI, he earned the B.S. (psychology) from the University of Michigan and his Ph. D. from Yale University.   He has held appointments at the Institute for Mother and Child in Czechoslovakia, The University of Rochester, The University of Illinois and Brown University.   Professor Sameroff is one of the founders of the field of developmental psychopathology.   His theoretical model brings together biological and environmental risk factors and demonstrates how they work together as causes of developmental impairments in childhood. The Transactional Theory of Development provides a significant advance over earlier models positing single risks as primary causes of impairments. A primary goal is to understand how family and community impact the development of children, especially those at risk for mental illness or educational failure. The theory includes protective factors as well and how these factors play a role in shaping children’s resilience.

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