FABBS Foundation Honors Joel Cooper

cooper_150px.jpgJoel Cooper, Professor of Psychology at Princeton University, is featured in the FABBS Foundation's program which honors eminent, senior scientists.

Dr. Cooper has been at the very forefront of research on cognitive dissonance theory since his days as a graduate student. Over the ensuing decades, he has fostered one new development after another in our understanding of dissonance. His theoretical and empirical work has clarified the conditions under which cognitive dissonance is aroused and, ultimately, yields attitude change, and has illuminated the mechanisms underlying the experience of dissonance.

Throughout his career, Dr. Cooper has been concerned with the practical implications of his work on cognitive dissonance. He has employed his theoretical perspective as a guiding force to understand what is involved in the principle of effort justification and, well before the new call for translational research, successfully demonstrated its relevance to clinical issues.

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