FABBS Foundation Honors Keith Rayner

November 20, 2013

Rayner Keith 150x220.jpgKeith Rayner is, more than any other person, responsible for how eyetracking methodology rejuvenated research in reading. His methodological and theoretical innovations sparked the experimental work on sentence processing that dominated the field of experimental psycholinguistics for decades. His contributions to the experimental study of reading have had a major impact on practice by professional reading educators and clinicians interested in reading disorders. His reviews of the field (Psychological Bulletin, 1978 and 1998) are the standard references on the eye movements and higher cognitive processes. He is on the list of “most frequently cited psychologists” prepared by the Web of Science. His own research has established some empirical phenomena that will endure long after today's theories have become yesterday's. And his work as mentor of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and trainees, as well as his editorial work and other contributions to the profession of psychology, have helped ensure that the study of cognition will continue to be both scientifically sound and intellectually exciting.

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