FABBS Foundation Honors Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson 150.jpgRichard (Dick) Anderson is an internationally recognized scholar in the field of education. After receiving his doctoral degree in educational psychology from Harvard, he worked at Harvard, New York University, Rutgers, and New Jersey public schools before landing his permanent faculty position at the University of Illinois in 1963. He is founder of the Center for the Study of Reading and Director since its inception in 1976. 

Anderson is author of over 200 books and articles that have targeted several areas of reading, comprehension, thinking, and education. His book Becoming a Nation of Readers is one of the most widely read books of all time in the field of literacy. Dick's current research interests include intellectually stimulating classroom discussions, children's development of reasoning, comparative study of the role of phonological and morphological awareness in learning to read alphabetic and nonalphabetic languages, and children's visual-orthographic representation of Chinese characters. Anderson is also professor of psychology at Beijing Normal University and president of China Children’s Books.

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