NAS to Organize Planning Meeting on Possible Development of K-12 Behavioral and Social Sciences Education Framework

nas_logo.gifThe National Academies is awarding “modest” internal funding to DBASSE to organize a “planning meeting to assess the feasibility of a full panel study of frameworks for social and behavioral science education in the elementary and secondary grades.” Readers of this news report will recall that FABBS joined with a number of behavioral and social science societies in 2010 to call on the NAS to include all areas of science in its project to develop a conceptual framework for new science education standards.

According to Robert Hauser, Interim Executive Director for the National Academy of Sciences’ Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, the new planning meeting will occur in the Fall of 2011 and will “follow exactly the same model that DBASSE followed in the initial stages of its ongoing study of frameworks for the natural and physical sciences and engineering.” The meeting will include SBE scientists, educational practitioners, curriculum developers, and policy-makers. Over the coming weeks, DBASSE will be seeking public and private support for the study. FABBS will provide additional updates as information becomes available.