Next Generation Science Standards Released

April 19. 2013

By Paula Skedsvold

After two years of work, the Next Generation Science Standards report is complete. The creation of the science standards was driven by entirely by the states, and based on the National Research Council’s Framework for K-12 Science Education. The science standards identify science and engineering content and practices “that all K-12 students should master in order to be fully prepared for college, careers, and citizenship.”

FABBS and a number of scientific societies aimed to broaden the NRC’s Framework report so that all sciences, including the SBE sciences, were represented in both the vision and science standards. Although the Framework report did not include the SBE sciences as core content areas, the NRC is discussing the possibility of a parallel activity in collaboration with key stakeholders that we hope will strengthen the SBE sciences in K-12 education. In addition, FABBS and some of its member organizations (APA and AERA) offered comments on the Next Generation Science Standards as they were in development so that, where possible, we could integrate SBE sciences into the learning objectives and examples. 

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