NIH Announces Fiscal Policy for FY 2011 Grant Awards

May 2, 2011

With passage of the final FY 2011 spending bill now complete, NIH recently announced how it will implement the 1% spending cut for FY 2011 grant awards. Non-competing research awards for the National Cancer Institute will be reduced by 3% below the FY 2010 award level, while non-competing research awards for all other Institutes and Centers will be reduced by 1% below FY 2010.

Using funds that have not been previously committed for non-competing awards, NIH estimates that the Institutes and Centers will be able to support approximately 9,050 new and competing awards Research Project Grants.

NIH also will continue to support new investigators on R01 equivalent awards at success rates equivalent to that of established investigators submitting new R01 equivalent applications. The Ruth Kirschstein National Research Service Award recipients will receive a 2% increase in stipends.

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