NIH Data Book Tool Enhanced with Peer Review Feature

April 29, 2014

by Chris Cameron

The NIH Data Book (NDB), which provides information on extramural grants and contract awards; grant applications; organizations, trainees, and fellows supported through NIH programs; and the national biomedical workforce; has been enhanced with the addition of the new “NIH Peer Review” feature (see NIH Peer Review tab here).

Data are available on peer reviewers, first time peer reviewers, peer review critiques, peer review meetings, and peer reviewed applications. These categories are presented by fiscal year and further divided to show type of review, major activity code, and research project activity code. The data include information from the Center of Scientific Review as well as by NIH institutes and centers.

Dr. Sally Rockey, NIH's Deputy Director for Extramural Research, introduced the new feature in an April 11, 2014 blog post, stating that in 2013 close to 25,000 reviewers provided over 230,000 critiques of grant applications and participated in over 2,500 peer review meetings. She noted that the numbers of reviewers and review meetings have remained relatively stable over three years, even during the government shutdown, “demonstrating what a valuable and reliable resource” reviewers are.

Dr. Rockey conveyed in her blog that “It’s truly a humbling experience to look at the landscape of peer review at NIH and how the enormous commitment of the biomedical research community makes it all possible.”

Explore the new Peer Review feature and the rest of the NIH Data Book here.