NIH Invites Comment on Its Draft Strategic Plan for Obesity Research

The NIH Obesity Research Task Force is updating the Strategic Plan for NIH Obesity Research and seeks public comment on the draft plan by October 14, 2010.

Similar to the first strategic plan published in 2004, the current draft addresses coordination of existing research obesity research activities across NIH, while also encouraging new research efforts. The plan is inherently multidisciplinary.

“Given the complex interaction between biology, behavior, and environment in contributing to the rise in obesity, formidable barriers stand in the way of simple solutions for altering energy balance toward a healthy body weight. Therefore, the Strategic Plan encompasses all levels of research, from basic biological and behavioral research through community and population research.”

The new draft encompasses transdisciplinary research, translational research, training, and cross-cutting issues such as health disparities, developmental issues, the influence of sex and gender, and at-risk  populations.

Comments should be sent via email to

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