NIH To Host OPPNET Conference in October

NIH will host a free, open conference on OPPNET, its trans-NIH basic behavioral and social sciences (b-BSSR) initiative, on October 28-29, 2010, in Washington, DC.

Through the conference, the scientific community will have an opportunity to provide input on future directions in b-BSSR. The conference involves both plenary sessions and interactive breakout sessions that will focus on: (1) the five themes that emerged from the prior Request for Information (cognition and emotion, culture, decision-making, development over the lifecourse, and gene-environment interactions), and (2) over-arching issues in b-BSSR (use of b-BSSR advances in future applied research, model animals, neuroscience approaches in b-BSSR, and 21st century trans-disciplinary approaches in b-BSSR).

The conference is limited to 500 participants, so register early if you would like to attend. For scientists unable to attend, the plenary sessions will be webcast and archived on the OPPNET website. Although the breakout sessions will not be webcast, reports coming out of the breakout sessions will be. This is an opportunity to work with your colleagues in shaping new research agendas relevant to the health mission of NIH.

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