NSF Posts SBE 2020 White Papers

NSF’s Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences Directorate launched “SBE 2020” in August 2010, an initiative to involve scientists in thinking about grand challenge questions that are foundational and transformative. The SBE Directorate is seeking to “frame innovative research for the year 2020 and beyond that enhances fundamental knowledge and benefits society in many ways.”

SBE received 244 submissions and recently posted the submissions to its website. All authors and abstracts are posted on the NSF website as well as the white papers for those authors giving permission to post.

Dr. Myron Gutmann, Assistant Director for NSF and SBE Director, plans to travel to scientific society meetings to discuss the ideas that are emerging from the white papers. Through the papers and meetings with scientists, the goal is to “lay out the visions for the future of SBE sciences, the capacities necessary to pursue that research, and the infrastructure required to support it.”

In parallel, the SBE Advisory Committee is also thinking about scientific opportunities for the next decade and beyond. FABBS will circulate the Advisory Committee report once its available for the public. Together these efforts will help shape future research agendas and budget planning for SBE.

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