NSF Seeks Proposals for Interdisciplinary Research across the SBE Sciences

October 22, 2012

by Paula Skedsvold

The National Science Foundation has issued a call for Interdisciplinary Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (IBSS). Growing out of the SBE 2020 visioning report, Rebuilding the Mosaic, NSF is seeking proposals for research that involves investigators from multiple disciplinary fields, integrates theoretical approaches and methodologies from multiple fields, and is likely to yield generalizable insights and information that will advance basic knowledge and capabilities across multiple fields. Four cross-cutting themes were identified in the Mosaic report as potentially fertile, but the topics are not limited. The four areas were: 

  • population change
  • disparities in experience and access to resources
  • language and cognition (including communication, linguistics, and the brain)
  • new technology/new media and social network analysis

Proposals will be evaluated based on standard NSF merit review criteria as well as special review criteria related to the interdisciplinarity of the research team, research approaches, and expected intellectual significance of the research results.

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