OppNet Opens Career Development Opportunities for Mid-Career and Senior Researchers

NIH is currently seeking applications from established, mid-career and senior investigators for short-term, mentored career development awards.

The goal is to “provide candidates with protected time to achieve a shift in the focus of their research direction in the basic behavioral and social sciences (b-BSSR), or to substantially enrich a current b-BSSR research program through the introduction of tools, theories or approaches from another discipline or area of science….” Awards may range from three months to one year in duration.

Two types of candidates are being targeted for this award:  (1) basic or applied behavioral and social science investigators who want to build new domains of b-BSSR into their research, and (2) biomedical and clinical researchers with little b-BSSR experience who want to be trained with an established b-BSSR investigator so that they may explore adding b-BSSR components to their own research programs.

Applications are due January 24, 2011. The earliest start date is September 2011. Learn more »