Transitions and Shifting Roles Ahead for FABBS

September 23, 2013

On October 1, Paula Skedsvold, PhD, will move from the position of Executive Director to focus solely on advocacy for FABBS and its member scientific societies. Her goal in making this transition is to continue the work she loves, while also finding a better work-life balance as a new parent. 

Skedsvold has served as Executive Director for both FABBS and the FABBS Foundation for five years. She has worked in Washington, DC for the past 17 years in a variety of settings including Capitol Hill, NIH, and several scientific societies including AERA and APS. “I am thrilled that I can continue conducting advocacy for FABBS.,” Skedsvold said. “I thoroughly enjoy the work, and I have a special tie to the organization, its leaders, and the societies we represent.  I hope I can continue to raise the profile of our sciences in federal circles.”  

To facilitate an effective transition, the FABBS and the FABBS Foundation leaders have brought on board Christine L. Cameron, Ph.D., to serve as Interim Executive Director beginning on October 1, 2013. She brings to the organizations a background in psychology and public policy, as well as knowledge of FABBS and its member societies from contract work with FABBS. 

Cameron received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a specialty in Health and Rehabilitation from the University of Kansas. Her BS from Colorado State University included a minor in statistics and coursework in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She spent two years as a research assistant in the Clinical Psychobiology Branch at the NIMH. Cameron gained public policy experience as an elected City Councilor and Mayor of the city of Lafayette, Colorado, where she was responsible for managing the budget, strategic vision and collaborative relationships for a community of 25K people. 

Meghan McGowan, M.A., continues with FABBS and the FABBS Foundation and has been promoted to the position of Deputy Director. “Meghan has been instrumental in helping us to build the organizations, and we are very happy she will continue to grow with us,” said Susan Fiske, President-Elect of FABBS.