University Associations Mobilize for Attacks on Science

In a letter to federal relations, public affairs, and senior research officers, representatives from the Association of American Universities, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, and The Science Coalition requested examples of social, behavioral and economic research that has produced significant benefits to society. 

Federally-funded research provides substantial support in both direct and indirect costs to colleges and universities around the country. Organizers are encouraging their member institutions to provide social and behavioral science research examples that have:

  • Resulted in new companies and/or the creation of jobs
  • Saved lives or significantly improved health
  • Enhanced national and/or homeland security
  • Resulted in enhanced economic productivity
  • Produced significant government savings/efficiencies
  • Improved energy efficiency, helped to protect the environment, or helped preserve natural resources
  • Informed the development of federal legislation or regulations
  • Helped to address major social or behavioral challenges in education, agriculture, transportation, or reductions in poverty

Please respond through your institution’s Research VP if you have a compelling example to add.